Thursday, March 15, 2012

The More That We Read... The More That We Know!


I wanted to share with everyone about an unfortunate event that has been unfolding. Dr. Suess Enterprises stands firmly behind their copyrighted name. Anyone that is creating or purchasing Seuss products can be held liable for infringement of their copyright laws. It is my intentions to spread the word and share a link that I received. Please take the time to read, educate, and spread the word to all that have created resources to be used in classrooms.


Almost makes me NOT want to celebrate Dr. Seuss' Birthday with my students! :(


Klinger Cafe' said...

crazy isn't it? I am your newest follower. I love you name and look too cute!

First Grade @ Klinger Cafe

Mrs. Krull said...

Just found your blog and I'm excited to be a new follower!

Mrs. Krull
Of Primary Importance

The Paisley Apple said...

Thanks ladies for the welcome and following. I know as summer approaches, I'll have a lot more time to create and share on here. Just so stink'n busy. :)

I'll be sure and grab your buttons, if I don't have them already.


Sharon Dudley said...

Debra, thanks for the warning! I never made any Dr. Seuss products. If you have time, it would be so nice if you could stop by my blog. I do have lots of spring ideas and freebies.

Sharon Dudley, NBCT

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